Shannon Hawley is a sound therapy practitioner and Soundologist trained by Lauren Waggoner in Los Angeles.. She has curated sound bath experiences for corporate and team building events, in schools and educational settings, and in collaboration with other soundologists at Wanderlust Hollywood. She offers private customized sound therapy sessions for individuals in their own homes and specializes in working with pre and postnatal moms developing a practice of deep relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

She combines/balances her training as a trauma-informed, family systems, and mindfulness based therapy social worker (MSW) to provide a unique and customized sound healing experience for individuals and groups. She has worked with clients of all ages in a variety of settings helping them achieve their goals.

As a musician and singer-songwriter, she has taught songwriting at Champlain College, led songwriting workshops, and continues with her own song writing practice. She feels strongly that creativity, stories, and songs can empower, heal, and connect us.  She understands the challenges and opportunities in doing creative work and loves to support artists in creating with more freedom and less judgement. She is a compassionate listener, helping people reimagine their lives as tales of beauty and triumph.

More from Shannon:

“Upon moving from quiet Vermont to Los Angeles with my family, I was having a hard time with all of the new sounds; the construction, the traffic, the constant “noise.”  I have always believed in the power of music (organized sound). But when I changed my perspective to allow all sound and vibration to act as a gentle teacher, inviting me to heal - and truly be - in the present moment, that was when things shifted for me.  Soundology was the missing link! It helped me feel a deeper resonance with the wide world. I still believe in the power of stories, songs and music, but it’s now amplified by the mystery, beauty and science of sound healing. Now, even the sound of traffic calls me to pay attention and ‘mind my life.’

My sound bath experiences of deep relaxation and being in a meditative state have echoed into my real-life, every-day experiences; reminding me that I CAN do things with ease, that I can accomplish daily tasks and approach small moments with curiosity instead of judgement, that I can be more relaxed, calmer, and take moment by moment with greater awareness. How amazing that I can help other people feel this way”

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