Sound healing for moms

After I had my children I felt more sensitive to noise. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep or the overwhelming responsibility of caring for another human. As my newborn slowly grew into toddlerhood I realized that I was forever changed and changing. The power of mindfulness, awareness, and rest during this time allowed for more presence, peace, and joy in the moments of parenthood and being.

A sound bath for a mother is a beautiful way to experience a deep meditative state which invites healing and restoration to mind and body. It is not invasive, it is sound with the intention to heal. The sound of the gong in particular is similar to the sound of the womb. I always joke that I feel like when I gave birth to my children I was also giving birth to myself. In a way we are all trying to birth new truer versions of ourselves and we can do this by listening. The sound of these instruments helps to restore you to your own resonance with truth and invites peace within. I feel this is especially important for mothers and parents to have this time to feel in tune with themselves, their family, and the wide world.